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What's an affiliate program?

Simple, an Affiliate Program rewards one or more affiliates for each referral brought by the affiliate's own efforts. 

In this case, we are launching our affiliate program with the purpose to reward affiliates for each referral purchase brought by their own efforts, by sharing our photos and videos on their social pages, blog, instagram profiles, etc.

It's really simple. You share.

Exactly. After you've been confirmed as an affiliate, you will receive a link you will insert in any post or image share you will do. This link is unique and peer to you and tracks If some of your followers click on it and make a purchase on our website: .

When it happens, the system automatically reward you with 10% commission on these purchases.

What will you have to do? Absolutely nothing, only share our photos and videos on your social profiles with the tracking link. 

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Remember, You need only an Instagram page to join our Affiliate Program. You don't have to be a pro or an influencer to apply.